French Picnic is now Leadbetter's French Picnic. Available in Traditional and Gluten-Free at Whole Foods Markets and other grocery retailers in the San Francisco Bay Area and Pacific Northwest.

Leadbetter's French Picnic Pastry Circles Leadbetter's French Picnic Gluten-Free Pastry Circles
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(c) 2014 Leadbetters Bake Shop, LLC dba French Picnic Pastry Company


New Gluten-Free Product Finds
The Examiner Atlanta, December 9, 2013
By Jennifer Harris, Gwinnett Gluten-Free Food Examiner 

"French Picnic - has created gluten-free pastry circles, which is something I have yet to see any other company accomplish to date."

KC's Top Ten Gluten Free Favorites
G-Free Foodie, November 26, 2013
By K.C. Pomering 

"...literally the most amazing Gluten Free pastry I’ve tried. after I tasted it, I had to go back to the box and re-read it to make sure it was GF. ridiculously flaky, perfectly buttery."